Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Miss You Guys :)

Hiiiiii. After a long much needed vacation, I am back to Cali. I went back to my home country of Lebanon to visit my family. The fatigue of  the 23 hour flight was forgotten the minute I saw my parents, sisters, nephews and nieces.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go:

This is the view from my parents home...I just love it

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

- Spray Paint: The Sky is The Limit

Don't we all agree that we LOVE spray paint.

Here are some of my spray paint projects:

Metal : The end table from black to silver , this was my first project and I got hooked

Fabric : The Canvas, and even I used spray paint for the stencil

Wood : The nightstand from Ivory to glossy black

Thursday, September 29, 2011

- Painting Fabric

My inspiration is not a Lamp Shade, it is a Chair.

I just loved the teal color
The smart and talented Kristy from hypheninteriors painted her chairs, and I loved the idea but I have no place at home for one more chair, not even on. So I kept on looking at those nasty chairs in my garage ,but there is no way I can add one chair in my home without making my place crowded.

So after sleepless nights ( yes yes I'm having lately so many sleepless nights after I got addicted to DIY projects) I finally got a good idea : PAINTING A LAMP SHADE. I wanted to try painting fabrics so why not a fabric of a lamp shade!

I had this lamp shade for several months, first I wanted to recover it with fabric, but his hexagonal shape scared me so I kept on postponing the project.

So painting it was better and cheaper:

1- I used acrylic paint and since the yellow was so bright I mixed it with off white latex paint.

2- I watered the lamp shade with a wet brush.

Watering the lamp shade

3- I painted it 3 coats.

It was too bright so I added off white latex paint to tone it down

After one coat of paint

4- I ruffled a ribbon.

5- I attached the ribbon with hot glue , but I'm thinking about removing the top ruffle and just keeping the flower ,what do you think?

I applied silver leaf to the base of the lamp

Update: Thanks to you girls, I removed the ruffle just left the flower, Now I LOVE IT

Friday, September 23, 2011

- Ornate chair

So back to my project, 4 different chairs for the kitchen table, one paint color and one fabric like I mentioned here.  I can go a little crazy in the kitchen that is OK :)

I bought an old ugly Burgundy chair, yes it was a very shiny burgundy chair, but I liked its ornate and carved details.

I didn't sand it , I just used Kiltz Spray Primer ( or Zinsser), then I paint it with "Valspar Aqua Ocean paint". Then I realized that the ornate top that I fell in love with is loose :(
This is what happens when you are so excited and you don't pay attention to how sturdy is the piece that you are buying . To fix it I used "Elmer's Wood Filler" and "Gorilla Super Glue" . Lightly sand the wood filler and paint over it.

After priming it

With the wood filler

The upholstery part was so easy like wrapping a gift, but hey dont forget to use staple gun instead of scotch tape :)

I forgot to take a before picture ( I noticed we all do that in BlogLand) , don't you just hate that especially when the piece you are working on was so UGLY and BURGUNDY , Burgundy can you believe it???

you can still see the crack but it is no more wobbly

one more picture

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

- Bye Bye IKEA Hello Macy's

Don't you just love Nail head trimmed furniture ????

Last year the husband and I went shopping for a sofa. I fell inlove with the blue Loveseat at Macy's called " Jaqueline Loveseat " the price was $999 and my husband didn't even like it so I had to search for another alternative :(

We ended up buying an off white loveseat at IKEA $199 ( way cheaper) and to have the blue color in the room I added some pillows and accents pieces.

Ours with darker legs
This was a year ago, but I kept on thinking about the Jacqueline Loveseat, so Yesterday I had an idea how to make this IKEA a Macys:

I bought Upholstery Nails at Home Depot (5 boxes) for $1.30 each.

This is the before:

How to apply the Nails was so easy, since I didn't have the proper tools : the mallets and needle nose pliers, I used what I had in hand : Hammer and Scissors.
I hold the Nails in place with the scissors ( instead of the needle nose pliers) and then pound them gently with the hammers ( instead of the mallets). To have an equal spacing between each nail I had to use a spoon handle ( check out the below picture)

So finally I got to say BYE BYE IKEA HELLO KITTY..hmm I mean HELLO MACY'S

You can check out here my "Bye Bye IKEA, AGAIN" post

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

- Pop of color: Aqua

The Kitchen table is where I spend all the day time ( not eating ,well not only eating, but also as my office )
So I want something fun, comfortable and stylish.

I needed 4 chairs , I had in mind that I want 4 different style chairs, paint them one color, use one fabric.

So this is my first chair:

Not so pretty right

And here is after one light sanding and one coat of blue paint

Here after I upholstered the back , and the seat is covered with new batting:

Without the Pipping :


And here is the end look:

Some light sanding

a little bit of glaze.

Check out the chair number 2 here.
So tell me what is your favorite color?

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Monday, September 19, 2011

- Easy Canvas

Well I wanted some art work in my Guest Bedroom to cover that ugly yellow/beige wall.
I didn't  want to paint because we are renting and I already painted the dining room, the formal living room and my master bedroom so enough paint, since I have to re-paint all those walls alone, like I promised my husband.
So back to the wall art, I wanted a black white and blue art. And whenever you have something specific on your mind you can never find it.
So I had to improvise: White canvas, blue paint, Rub' N Buff and a black wall decal

-First, I painted the white canvas with my blue paint I already had ( I have an accent wall color blue in my dining room)
-Second, waited for it to dry then transferred the wall decal to the canvas.
-Third, I created a frame effect with silver Rub N Buff.

Et Voila:


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