Monday, September 12, 2011

- Spray Painting Mirrors 2

I'm obsessed with mirrors and vintage candle holders.
I've been searching for a nice mirror for my formal living room for ever, I didn't find what I had in mind ( it looks that what I had in mind is either so rare either so expensive) so I settled for something else :).
What I wanted is something like this below mirror

And this is what I found , I couldn't wait more I had to had a mirror on that empty wall, and if later I will find a mirror like the above I will buy it and this one will find a new wall :)

And here is how it turned out to be

All I had to do is:
- First I removed all the staples in the back with my professional tools, to remove the mirror form the frame.

- Second wipe of dust from the frame so the spray paint will stick.

- Third just use your favorite spray paint color mine is "Rustoleum Metallic Silver", and to get a smooth finish spray two light coats.

- Fourth reverse step first, put back the mirror to its place and staple it.

And that is it, I can't wait to see your spray paint projects soon :)

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  1. The mirrors came out great !!! Paint has become my best friend. Sorry you wiped out your comments ... I'm bound to do something like that ...until I have a better idea of what i'm doing here in blog land.

  2. I love your mirrors...they turned out great! I have been trying to find a good round one too with an ornate frame...not so easy to find.

  3. Francine Don't give up, i love your blog...soon wou will get lots of followers Im so sure about it

    Rvelazquez I dont know how the other bloggers can find huge mirrors for $5 ,mine was $20 and it was a steal lol

  4. I love mirrors, too! And paint can do wonders. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. hi rasha. nice blog you have here, and thanks so much for visiting mine! your mirror redo is really pretty.
    to answer your question..the surface of the table after mod podging is very durable and you can wipe away dirt easily. BUT, it is a bit tacky so when you put a cup on there, for example, and leave it for a while, it slightly sticks when you try to pick it up. there is a specific mod podge called "hard coat" that is specifically for furniture and i don't think that one comes out tacky. however, even with the regular MP, you can spray a clear coat of acrylic on top (i've heard) and it will get rid of the tackiness. i just love the look of it though, it really looks pretty. if you try it let me know! :)

  6. Thx Alice for your comment
    Thx Marg for all the tips...Those nesting tables are difficult to find on Craigslist :) But I will keep you updated ...thxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Love this transformation! Amazing what a little spray paint can do. :)
    Visiting from Mrs. Mustard Seed's...
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  8. I agree, people seem to find stuff very cheap..I have a mirror like your rectangle one, it was 25$ and I thought that was a steal!


  9. Yes spray paint is my best friend :)
    and I have no luck with the cheap mirros :(

  10. it looks so glamorous and chic and fits perfectly with your vignette!

  11. Well done Rasha, and thanks for the lovely comment on my similar project. Keep searching, I know you can find the perfect kind of mirror that you're looking for (although this one looks pretty great too)!


  12. This is so pretty. I've always loved silver and the set up is so glam.
    I am not sure how I made it to your blog. I started at Design It Chic to ? to Santa's Gift Shoppe to here.
    I am a new follower.
    I would love it if you followed back.

  13. @Rebecca
    Thx Rebecca, but I will keep on searching I will keep on searching I will never ever give up :) Im obsessed with Mirrors lately :)

  14. @Rhonda
    Thx alot Rhonda, this happenes to me all the time I go from one blog to another , it is so addictive , did you realize that :)
    I will be your newest follower

  15. Hi I came here by way of Miss Mustard Seed and have followed, I can't wait to see what you do next. I never thought I liked gold and silver all that much but you have a style that I love, it's like the modernized version of old hollywood regency...anyhoo, I wanted to tell you that IKEA has a frame that is closer to what you were looking for in your mirror, it's the only ornate oval frame they had last time I was there, it was $29.99 and black, so you'd have to paint it and get a mirror insert, but it's not the far off from what you were looking for. Keep up the you've thrown me a do I blend Miss Mustard Seed style with yours?

  16. I am a new follower please visit me at Hibiscus House anytime.

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