Thursday, January 26, 2012

- My Guest Bedroom Reveal

I know some of you might already seen this post under my Home Tour page but I'm organizing my blog with new pictures, trying my best to improve my pictures quality but since this room is so dark I think for now these are the best pictures I can take :(

Remember, we are renting so no major renovations :) Before I show you the  pictures I want to tell you that I hate the wall color, this being said, then you can start the tour with some before pictures:

And here are the after:
After I stained the console table here .

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I got Ms Smartie Pants award :)

Do you ever think about that day in first grade when the teacher stamps that little yellow bight star on your hand? Take that feeling, multiply it by a hundred and you may understand my feeling when Laura, from Ms Smartie Pants, recognized me with an award. Today I am "Ms Smatie Pants."

I want to thank Laura for this award. She gave it to for my "fresh" style presented in my project "Drawers to Shleves." In addition to being honored by this award, Laura made my day for giving me the first award in her new program "Ms Smartie Pants Awards." Laura states the following:
"So, the very first award goes to Rasha from My Champagne Taste. I just found her blog and she has a young, fresh, eclectic style." For more info about the award that I received and about Laura's program, please visit her blog and make sure you check out her baby nursery.



Monday, January 23, 2012

- Turquoise Living and Dining Room

I wanted to reveal my Living and dining area long time ago, but I wasn't sure if I should just add the pictures to the Home Tour page or I just write a special post about them. So I decided I will write a post about them and I can link up to the Home Tour Page... I'm a bit lost in the how to organize my blog :)
So let me stop talking and  show you the before and after pictures of my Living and Dining room:

Like always not a very before picture , this picture is taken after we painted the walls and added some furniture

The Curio Cabinet, before I frosted the glass.
After I painted the brick a crisp clean white

My brownish ugly brassy fire place

And here are the After pictures...WARNING alot of pictures ahead

my color scheme : Off white, Dark Grey, Turquoise and some silver and mirrored accent pieces
You can see here and in the below picture: the glass of the curio cabinets frosted. Yay I can hide my mess lol.
As for the curtains, They are made by me :) I didn't know how to sew and I didn't even have a sewing machine but I wanted a damask pattern with some shimmery fabric, it turned out that I can never find such a thing with a reasonable price so I bought the sewing machine at Target was on sale and had to experiment with it...I think one day I might add lining to them ( I found out about lining after I finished sewing so hopefully one day I will add it lol)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

- From Drawers to Shelves

I've been seeing all the rustic wood look over blogland and I've been drooling.From reclaimed wood to old doors to all those palettes as coffee tables all of these are my favorites .I want that look, I really want that look but of course I don't know how to use a jigsaw :(
Finally I got an idea ...I have a small wooden cabinet sitting in  my garage for about 7 months now. It was collecting dust. I love its rustic feel but I didn't have any use of it in my home. I pulled its drawers and hung them as shelves. I needed an extra storage in my kitchen and it was the best solution to cover that empty wall of my kitchen.

This is the before picture of the cabinet

One picture of my kitchen table/office :)

And here is how it looks now:

I mentioned before in later posts that I wanted to have 4 different chairs, paint them one color and use the same fabric to upholster them but after I stained and upholstered this bench ( you can check it out here)  I fell in love with it and just used 2 different chairs instead. You can see these chairs here and here .

Saturday, January 7, 2012

- How to Silver leaf furniture.

Simply, I love silver leaf furniture. Perhaps one of the reasons I chose my blog's name was my admiration for my silver leaf project. After I finished it, the dresser looked so expensive that I thought man I do have champagne taste :)

Silver leafing is easy but you should have a little bit of patience and a vacuum cleaner :) yes yes you heard me a vacuum cleaner because  it will get messy, like really messy,and don't try to apply it outdoor ( like some blogs suggested) because it is so delicate that your own breath can make a big mess so what about the wind , so i found the best place to apply it is in my workshop garage.

So here's how I did it:

1- I applied the oil base size with my dollar store cheap brush, waited for about 45 minutes until the size will get tacky , The proper tack is when the size does not stick to the knuckle and you hear a slight "tick" when the knuckle is pulled away.( you will know what i'm talking about when you try it).

2-Then you apply the silver leaf by holding it with the wax paper ( the silver leafs come in between of 2 sheets of wax paper so use those papers to hold the silver leaf)so don't use your  own hands because the silver leaf will stick to your hands and not to the desk.

3- Place the next sheet slightly on top of the previous one, when you overlap the sheets you will get less gaps and cracks in between when you burnish them at the end.

4- When you finish applying all the sheets to the desk ,use a soft brush to burnish all the silver leaf , and make sure to be gentle on the seams or you will get lots of cracks.

5- Seal it, some blogs says you do not need to seal it but based on my mom experience the color will change after a while if you don't seal it ( she lives on the beach so it might be weather thing i'm not sure) but i didn't want to risk it so i sealed it with a transparent sealer ( some sealers has a yellow or red color).

P.S: When you seal it , the check board pattern will disappear. 

6-Thanks to centsational girl i knew this tip, you can fill in the cracks with Rub'Buff silver color it works like magic but of course this should happens before you apply the sealer.

7- Don't ever think you will get a perfect smooth surface , no matter how hard you try you will have a textured surface or a little bit of cracks so you better like the mirrored antique style.The perfect silver leaf style is not to be perfect ;)




Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Silver accents were always my favorite. My love for gold finished pieces was minimal until my sister and I went on a furniture shopping tour back in Lebanon. After pointing out some elements of the furniture, my sister's passion for gold became contagious. I came back to the US and the first thing that I wanted to do was transform my house into a golden palace ( well at least one room, the living room). Let it shine, I said.

So I thought that I have to get rid of those cheap looking IKEA black metal tables. First I painted them , added 2 custom mirrors ( and yes I brought these 2 mirrors from Lebanon they flew with me 8500 miles since in Lebanon they cost each $ 10 and in the US they asked for $ 80 , $ 80 whatttttttt of course Im not gonna pay for the mirrors more than I paid for the table it self ).

                               Below is the inspiration picture: $ 745

The before picture

And I got to say : Bye Bye IKEA, AGAIN !!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I have a Rug Question :)

Well I ordered online an area rug and it arrived today but I think it is small,Im almost sure it is small but Im trying to convince my self that it is not, so I took a couple of pictures and I will show it to you guys...Please someone tells me it is a good size for my room  :)))))) Im kidding I know well I think it is small ( still can't decide  ) and that was a very good price cause it is hard to find a good price for yellow rugs.

So I need 2 favors well 3 favors from you since my husband doesnt care and my family doesnt live in the US so please I need your help:

1- Tell me if it is ok to have a small rug in a big room? it is 5 x8
2- If you can help me where I can find good prices for rugs online.
3- Which pictures has better colors from the below ones ( I want my pictures to start looking a bit professional and man this is not easy at all)

Thxxx in advance

Linking too : nominimalisthere
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