Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm back to blogland , did you miss me?

Well after a long break, like really long this time almost 5 months , I'm back to blogland with a little surprise

Yup, we are pregnant and it wasn't that easy for the past 5 months :) It is my first pregnancy so I didn't know that morning sickness is the worst, they should call it "all day sickness" :). But thanks God I'm feeling so much better now so that is why I'm back to blogging ...For the past 5 months I didn't check my blog, I didn't even read any of my favorite design blogs, the only thing I googled was : how to get rid if heartburn, severe pain in my chest, how to stop morning sickness :D

So stay tuned I have alot of posts coming soon and I'm hoping you will like them.I really miss you and miss your comment guys :)
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